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Pictures 2011

Fall trial 2011 - Judge Vic Wilms

Annie and Yarick - High BH

Hardy and Chilli

Maria and Abbey       Andy's Diesel Bark and Hold          Betsy's Paco

 Trial Pictures
Farah                                              Winston

Sondra                       Jeff                                 Paul                     Betsi

Eric                     Mary                        Bruce                            Andy

Betsi/Eric and the Judge                                       Paul and Farah

Begleithund Pruefung Temperament and Traffic Safty

After a long weekend .... completion of the trial!

   Hardy/Caraq              Betsi/Paco                          Paul/Cash                Maria/Kwenta

Hardy and Caraq - Team USA - FCI World Championship 2007 in Italy

              Andy/Diesel                Carolyn/Dall             Bruce/Reacher            Chalie/Kaden                                    

Cash                                              Dock                                                    Falco

Rip's courage test                                                          Kwenta

Paul's boy's Falco and Cash working

Falco                                                             Caraq

Kaden and Charlie "Dumbell work"

Caraq von Lowenfels at the 2009 Northeastern Regional Championship

Kwenta                                Chilli                                  Reacher     

Paco                                            Bart                                      Caraq

Happy                                                                 Winston

Bruce - Down in motion and "Recall"

Ripp                                                     Caraq                                         Caraq

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