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Tracking is a very high labor incentive training. We start with very young puppies to build a solid foundation for their future working life. You and your dog will learn foot step to foot step tracking. That is what a dog's nose is all about.

View a video of a SchH 1 practice track!

Obedience shall be performed with a motivated and happy dog. Our club strives to achieve this ultimate goal. We concentrate within the very first month to build the dog's desire for an incentive. Dog

View a video of a SchH 2 routine

Genetic drives will determine the protection phase. Our club uses the drives and instincts necessary to perform according to the rules of the FCI. We teach our dogs what is means to have a full and calm bite even when the pressure is high and be "clean" and guard with high focus. We are fortunate that our helpers have the experience to teach our Dogs correctly.

view a video of a SchH3 protection routine

The Dog Sport is of very high versatility. Our club promotes all of them.  We want that our dogs perform well in all of the above.


Training times: 

Wednesdays @ 10 am
Saturdays @ 9 am meeting for tracking
Saturdays @ about 12 noon meeting for Obedience and Protection

Begleithund Pruefung Fall Trial 2010

Maria, Bruce, Andy, Sharon, Frank, Mary, Annie, Paul

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