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Hardy and Chilli Airport Hannover at the 2015 FMBB World Championship in Pisek, Prague 

President - Hardy Ernsting - Malinois

Vice President - Eric Squires - Dutch Shepherds

Training Director - Paul Konschak - Malinois/GSD

Secretary - Maria Darland - GSD

Treasurer - Sabine Ernsting - Malinois/GSD

Webmaster - Sabine Ernsting - Malinois /GSD

Paul Konschak - Malinois

Hardy and Sabine Ernsting - Malinois

David and Maria Darland - GSD

Eric Squires - Dutch Shepherds

Preet Singh Toor - Malinois, Dutch Shepherd

Tami Hasset - Malinois

Adam Davis - Dutch Shepherds

Allen Jakelski - German Shepherd

Jutta Nsouli - German Shepherd

Kim and Jason Caldwell - Dutch Shepherds

Lori and Chris Barnhard - Dutch Shepherd, Malinois


 Maria                                Eric                           Paul                   Hardy


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